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Since moving is stressful and exhausting, keeping a sense of humor is critical. Grocery shopping with five kids under the age of seven might be easier—another situation that requires a sense of humor, and possibly medication. 

Seriously, though, there are some things you can do to remove some of the trauma from the moving experience.

Not sure where to begin?  The key is preparation and organization.  If you take the time to plan early, you won’t have as much to worry about on moving day.

1. Make sure to have enough of the appropriate packing supplies.

Not having what you need will add exponentially to your frustration.  We can help with that.  Just click on Moving and Packing Supplies to find everything you need.

2. The Golden Rule.

The heavier the item the smaller the box.  Save the larger boxes for things that are lighter and harder to carry on their own.  If you’re using professional movers, they will thank you!

3. Do your sorting ahead of time.

Dispose, donate, and store early.  There will be items that you’re simply not ready to dispose of.  You may need them in your new home.  We’re here to store your belongings in a safe, secure, climate-controlled unit. 

4. Label and color code your boxes.

This one is obvious.  You need to know what’s in those boxes, and the movers need to know where to put them.  Color code the boxes by room.  You can buy color coded labels and packing tape at Walmart.  Make sure to stick a coordinating piece on the door frame of each room so that all your belongings end up in the correct place.

5. Pack the same room in the same box.

Don’t pack your towels with your frying pans.  Unpacking items that all belong in the same room saves time and energy.

6. Don’t wait to pack kitchens and bathrooms.

These rooms take the most time, so get them finished.  If you have more than one bathroom, pack up all but one and close the doors.  You can use one bathroom with minimal toiletries for a week.  Use paper plates and plastic utensils for a while, and no cooking for the last few days so that you can clean out the fridge.  Live on sandwiches, cereal, and take out. 

7. Decide on a place to store packed boxes.

You can designate an area in your home (basement or garage), or you can leave the boxes neatly stacked in the rooms where they have been packed.  Do what works best for you and your family.

You’re packed and ready to go.  Whether you’ve hired professional movers or decided to DIY, it’s not as much fun as you would think (lolololol)!

Here are a couple of tips to make it more tolerable and maybe even the best moving day you’ve ever experienced.

1. No packing on moving day.

This is non-negotiable if you want the day to run as smoothly as possible.  Waking up to piles of items that haven’t been packed is a nightmare. 

2. Be prepared with food and drinks.

Fill a cooler with water, energy drinks, and snacks to keep everyone hydrated and energized.  Make sure that you have designated a friend or family member to pick up necessary meals for you and the movers.  Keep everybody happy.

3. If possible, set up cable, internet, and utilities before you move.

Make sure you are at your new home during cable and internet installation, so that you can be assured that everything is in working order when you move in.

4. Keep your most important and valuable items with you.

It goes without saying that you don’t want to leave valuable jewelry, important documents, and prescription medications in drawers or packed in a box that is subject to loss or damage. 

5. Create a basic unpacking kit and keep it with you (this is a genius tip!!!!!)

These are essentials that will help you get through the first few days.

  • Trash bags
  • Box cutter
  • Hand soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic utensils
  • Paper plates/cups/bowls
  • Shower curtain liner
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Shower gel/body wash
  • Towels for each family member
  • Spray cleaner and cleaning cloth
  • Pain reliever
  • Granola bars

Storage can be a life saver during a hectic move, and it’s doubtful that there is a move that isn’t hectic.  There will be items that, for various reasons, you don’t want to move to your new home, but that you’re just not certain should be discarded.

This is when you need a safe, secure storage unit.  Since your packing anyway, anything that you’re not taking along will be ready to store (even those boxes that you never unpacked from the last move).

Here are a few helpful storage tips:

  • If you’re storing anything with drawers, use that extra space for small items.
  • If you need to store a bed frame or any other large furniture that needs broken down, keep all small parts in plastic bags and tape them to the item.
  • Wrap furniture legs with protective bubble wrap, furniture covers, or pads, to prevent damage.
  • To prevent dust, seal boxes tightly with good quality packing tape.
  • As with your move, be sure to label all boxes.
  • Place boxes that contain fragile or delicate items on top of boxes packed with heavier, sturdier things.
  • Anything that you think you may need to use frequently should be placed at the front of your unit.
  • To keep items off the unit floor, use furniture pads or covers.
  • If you’re storing business files, leave a pathway to make access easier.
  • Do not store anything flammable or perishable.
  • Do not store hazardous or combustible materials. Drain fuel from lawnmowers, trimmers, and any other equipment.
  • Be sure to purchase a secure lock. For your convenience, we carry a wide range of high-quality locks.

We hope these tips are helpful and make your life a bit more pleasant.  Remember, call us with any questions.  We’re always here for you.

Moving packing and self storage tips
Moving packing and self storage tips
Moving packing and self storage tips
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In an effort to better serve LandPark’s existing clients and expand LandPark’s services in Central and South Texas, Mr. Holland has relocated from Houston and is overseeing LandPark’s Central Texas office.

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Ms. Sipes has been an accountant in the storage real estate industry for 10 years. She began her career as a full cycle bookkeeper while finishing her accounting degree and quickly moved up to senior storage accountant. Ms. Sipes has extensive knowledge in all aspects of storage real estate accounting. She graduated from Sam Houston State University with a BA in 2008.

Ms. Werlinger has been an accountant in the commercial real estate industry for over 15 years. She began her career as an Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk while working for her accounting degree then quickly moved up to Controller managing a staff of several employees. Ms. Werlinger has extensive experience in all aspects of real estate accounting including following GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002) standards to maintain the integrity of the financial data. She has a very strong ethical background and enforces policies and procedures to ensure all activity is accurate and accounted for. In addition, Ms. Werlinger implements internal control practices to avoid any potential fraudulent activity under her management. She has worked with various audit firms and understands the necessary procedures to validate recorded entries and pass audit testing.

Ms. Werlinger graduated from University of Phoenix with a BA in business accounting in 2010 and an Associate degree in Accounting from Bryant & Stratton College in 1998.

Elizabeth (Liz) joined the Right Move Storage team in January 2018. She currently assists in the overseeing of storage facilities within the Right Move Storage portfolio. Liz brings 25 years of Retail Management and customer service supervision experience which includes 10 years of multi-unit supervision roles. Liz also brings several years of multi-unit training experience. She attended North Harris County College in Houston, Texas.

Kimberly (Kim) joined Right Move Storage in March 2017 as a Regional Manager. She currently oversees storage facilities in Texas, South Carolina, Arizona, and California and has over 15 years of experience in Customer Service, Retail Sales, and Office Management. Kim brings over 10 years of experience in the Self-Storage industry, which includes Property Management and Training. Kim attended Keiser University in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

Todd Gresky joined the Right Move Storage team in July 2017 overseeing the operations of the Self -Storage Portfolio. He has 27 years of multi-unit management experience and most recently ten years in the storage industry. His Self-Storage experience includes 4 years as an Asset Manager with Regional and District Management multi-unit supervision roles. Todd started his self-storage career as a District Manager with Public Storage, a public company.

Todd’s focus is to assist with the operations leading to increased occupancy, revenue, net operating income and property values while streamlining operations for the Storage Division. Todd had extensive experience as a multi unit manager in the retail sales sector prior to embarking on his self-storage career. Along with his career knowledge, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management having graduated with honors from Texas Christian University.

Mr. Kelley brings over 27 years of successful operations experience to Right Move Storage. While he has focused primarily on self-storage management, he has also been active in retail, hotels and restaurants. His extensive knowledge, background and work ethic have produced exceptional results in the real estate industry for his properties and clients alike. These experiences led Mr. Kelley to cofounder and President of Right Move Storage, a full-service self storage management company and brand.

Mr. Kelley has aligned the company with several real-estate industry veterans who can handle every aspect of the self storage industry. His vision for Right Move Storage is to provide a premier management company focused on improving operations, driving revenues and growing NOI and value for its clients.

Prior to founding Right Move Storage, Mr. Kelley joined American Spectrum Realty Management in 2010, where he was charged with building a self storage brand from scratch. He and his team oversaw the management and turnaround of a 22 property distressed storage portfolio. In addition, Mr. Kelley strategically planned and successfully completed the management takeover of 20 additional properties covering six states over the course of a 24 hour period.

Mr. Kelley joined Public Storage in 2001 as District Manager. At the time, he was recruited to improve operations and maximize profits while controlling costs. Mr. Kelley was part of the operations team who helped Public Storage accumulate the cash necessary to make the 500 property acquisition from Shurgard possible. Additionally he was responsible for coordinating the transition in Houston for the 80 local Shurgard properties. He also won several awards and was recognized nationally for his results. He previously worked for recognized brands such as Popeye’s, Boston Market, and Diedrich Coffee/Gloria Jeans Coffees in District, Regional, and National capacities.

Mr. Kelley graduated University of Houston in December of 1987 with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

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